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If you are reading this post then i assume you have read my previous post in which i have told you how to make a blog now the question is how can you make money with a blog?

once you have a blog,you can earn money through these ways 


CPC Ad Networks


Cost per click ad networks can be used on any website.The most popular and successful one is the Google Adsense. when you apply for them and they approve you (let me tell you,google is very strict in approving sites for their adsense programme,basically these are some tips and tricks that you can use on your blog or site for adsense approval), they will read an article and allow you to place ads that are relevant to it and show them in the article. There is one plus point about adsense is that you will have highly relevant ads that will be a great thing for the readers.
For simple example, if you write an article about explaining what social media was, but you didn't give the reader a link where to open one,then what adsense will do is that they would display ads of places to open a social media account. So as a reader, while i am reading the article and think about opening an account then i can simply click on the ad and i'll get one.These days people use another CPC network called Chitika.Well many people use it with Adsense,Though it is known that in terms of earnings made from adsense are far more than you can make from chitika.If u r using blogger or wordpress then adsense won't allow you to place ads in that case you may use chitika or these other Ad companies

CPM Ad Networks


well, Adsense and chitika pay through CPC, there are other ad networks that pay through the total no. of impressions (CPM-cost per impression). Chances are that In the beginning, these networks might not pay much money, but when the traffic starts to increase CPM networks can produce more money.These are some  adnetworking sites AdClickMedia, cox didital solution.

Put ads at the right place

You need to understand where people will be more likely to click on the ads.For example, putting an ad at the top center of your page creates good chances of getting clicked. Ad placement is very important as it can easily increase your earnings as well as it can reverse the effect. You will see dramatic changes in your earnings when you just place your ad 1 or 2 inches in the left or right,depending upon your site.

Affiliate marketing

for an example,assume you are a business man who sells furniture.when I find you a customer that buys something from you,then you give me some commission of what you earned by selling that product to the customer.These days every site provide an opportunity for other site owners to become an affiliate marketer.for example,in webhosting we have,hostgator.The main programmes that can be used are given below.
as i said above,there are a lots of sites giving this opportunities but these are the most popular ones.

can it affect your traffic when you put ads?

This is quiet common that most people think that putting the ads on the site may decrease the traffic because due to the ads readers will not come back and visit the site.
Well, this is absolutly not true If you get to be smart.Now how to be smart?
If you put relevant ads on your site then readers will never drive away.Like for a simple example,you wrote about different cellphone companies but you did not give a link to a company to which they can buy a cellphone,so here you missed something,basically relevant ad will provide your readers a link,after the link is clicked one will land to that company's website and hence they will be able to purchase the desired mobile.
I strongly advice you not to put up ads that one will find find annoying.For example when you visit a site and you see ads that are in forms of pop-ups,most of you readers will find these popup ads very annoying.So you should avoide putting up these kind of ads.Even though there is a chance that these kind of ads will make you more money initially (because initially you don't have much traffic,so when a visitor is somewhat forced to click on these ads then you’d make more money) but as your site grows you are sure to lose your readers,they won't come back. In my opinion forced ads decrease the visitor experience too much.
Nothing happenes to a site traffic if the ads are really good and user friendly. I am sure,if you put up more ads and donation links,it will not effect your site traffic.Traffic will continue to increase at the same rate it did before there were a fewer ads. You have to understand one more thing that,in this era there have been a lot of advertising so some people think ads are not good.But it is you who decides what is best for your blog and readers.If the readers find your article to be helpful then they would surely comeback ,regardless of what they say about advertising in public.
Most of the people knows that a blogger is also a human.He must be awarded for his content and should earn income from his/her work. I think it’s perfectly fine to earn money from such a decent work and fill the bank accounts. If you are not getting any appreciation from it, then there are less chances that you would think of making a blog.simple thing is that The more money this blog earns, the more you can put into it to modify it and make the reader experience pleasurable.I’m planning to add some additional services to this site in the years ahead.

use different sources of income

You should not try to need to look for only one adnetwork site instead of thinking.Thinking smart is what I consider the most required thing to get traffic.I can give you an example of different streams that can be used only on one site.Here’s a list:
  1. Google Adsense ads (pay per click & pay per impression advertising)
  2. chitika ads (pay per click)
  3. Donations (via PayPal )
  4. Text Link Ads (sold for a fixed amount per month)
  5. Affiliate programs like Amazon and LinkShare (commission on products sold, mostly books)
  6. Referral programs like hostgator or varyhost (commission on purchases made)

I hope this post might have been some help to you.If you want to show your appreciation then you can share this post and help others find it.

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