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The purpose of this article is to show you how to create a blog and make money with it.This is homepage of the blog and on this big article there have been given a lots of tips on earning money through blog.(here are some other ways to earn money as well). 


This article is very long (like 20 posts or so), but I wanted it to be helpful resource for those who want to make a blog or make some more money from the one they already have and fill their bank accounts.
I have seen a lots of ways to earn money from the internet and i myself have tried many of them but those ways are either not good enough or some of them can not generate the passive income as my prime motive is to generate passive income.

Basics of blogging


If you don't know nothing about the blogging then read it from here or If you have got a blog then you can skip this topic.It is not just a small topic.There have been written a whole lots of books on this subject,so I won't be able to cover everything here (If I tried so then only God can help me with my style of blogging) ,well,dudes and dudeess you can easily search a book on our great google or master wikipedia.Lets get started with mind bobbling blogging,whooo....

1. What a blog is?

I won't tell you the technical definition of blogging as it doesn't matter.A blog is something that you can use as a platform for showing the world what information you have got on products,books etc.For example,you people would have shared your experience on various social media sites like most popular facebook, google+ etc.So what blogging is also quite a similar thing but the benefit is that here you can earn money also either through advertisements or selling products,like a website does.Most of the bloggers don’t know any programming language and are not technically skilled persons.One must say, Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways out there to start a website. If you haven’t got a blog yet(If you are reading this then you haven't got one), why not make it? It is quite quick to create and it can be completely free (it depends what kind of site you are looking for,as you further go downward you will understand this).

2.can it be difficuilt to start a blog?


No as I posted above ,It is quite easy. Maybe sometimes you can find it confusing but there are lots of help that google can provide you with its resources. Right now there are more than 30 million blogs and youth is quite passionate about if it was hard then people would not have gone through it in this large number.


3.Web savvy

my meaning of websavvy is 2o best things to be known before starting a blog . Here Websavvy is nothing but a little functional understanding of various web technologies in order to use them for your blog. For becoming a blogger one neednot to be a programmar ,but he muse understand some basic things ,these basic things are called websavvy. There are many basic things that include these -



click here to see more


4.Is it a blog costly?

Well you can create a blog as cheap as just for free.Services that offer to start a blog for free are given below.If you are just a beginner then use free so to get wet with blogging. Once you decide you are liking it and wanting to make more money then i would recommend you to move up to a self hosted blog.Getting a self-hosted is quite inexpensive and what you have to pay is like $10 for domain name and some $4 for web hosting monthly.

All 3 of the options given below are free.The first 2 options are very easy to use,I would recommend begginers to use out of these two.As they are free so they are limited in features and controls.If you are well aware of blogs then you should try self hosted blogs so that you will have more control on your blog and earnings will be far more comparing to that of free hosted blog. – Blogger is an easy to use user friendly set up from google for creating blogs,It is absolutly free to use blogger ,there are given options to customize the theme and as it is free,so provides domain to the user.Beginners can have it but i wouldn't recommend this to the proffesionals. – like blogger  wordpress is also free,can easily be set up,theme can be customized and their domain name is – and both are different as is free but is not free to use.Most of the proffesionals choose additon to, provides self hosted wordpress blog and yes,its not get more control over the site and the provided features are also increased. When a beginner reaches to a point where he can afford to have self hosted blog then he must get it.




If you are a beginner and want to use the first two above options as your host then you should skip this section no. 5.


5.Setting-up a self-hosted blog

If you are serious about blogging and are looking for the serious ways to customize your blog’s look and other features, then getting a self-hosted blog from is probably the best way to go. It is currently the top choice for most bloggers. It only requires a few bucks but when you have it then you can use your own domain name (for example, etc.).well I recommend you to use only .com names. has a great step-by-step guide to make you set up.Some points are given below on how to stup your blog.

A.Get A Domain Name


1. First of all you need to go to a site that sells domain names,for example if you go to hostgator ,first you need to search there that which domain name is available (use any suitable domain you want for your blog,remember that the keywords of your content are in that domain name because search engines like google gives a chance of getting your site in a higher one) ,when you find the desired domain name then you can buy it on their site and hence now your domain is registred.

B.Choose a Suitable hosting plan


For storing all your files for your blog you need to have a web-hosting plan.Million web hosting companies are there that can provide you a suitable plan. I wouldn't recommend you searching for a cheapest one because some of them are not reliable and your sight get down at times.Hostgator is best web-hosting company.If you are using hostgator,then you can simply choose a suitable web hosting package .varyhost are very cheap,reliable and have a very good customer support.If you paste this code on their website then you will get 25 % discount there. the 10 character code is- dgkutrsxvh


C.Getting a customizable theme

After taking the step the self-host this site, the next step is choosing a highly-customizable theme. I don’t necessarily recommend doing this at the beginning becuse it costs money to have a nice theme, but once you are committed to blogging and are willing to invest a few dollars, putting that money towards a good theme is a good investment.
If you are a programmer,then you can make all the customizations yourself to any basic theme and you will not bee charged for getting themes.

How to make money once you have got a blog 


CPC Ad Networks


Cost per click ad networks can be used on any website.The most popular and successful one is the Google Adsense. when you apply for them and they approve you (let me tell you,google is very strict in approving sites for their adsense programme,basically you need to have these qualifications), they will read an article and allow you to place ads that are relevant to it and show them in the article. There is one plus point about adsense click here to see more

How long does it take to make money from a blog


I would again say that blogging is not a get rich quick programme.It takes time,one has to be patient . it depends on your hard work oops smart work that how much time it is gonna take.
There are some tips in this article that will make things go a lot quicker, but there is no getting around the fact that it is going to take time to get there. But just like anything, the more you put in, the more you get out. The two keys are consistency and a willingness to learn. Without them, I would say that it will be very difficult to make money with your blog.

getting traffic to your blogGetting traffic to the blog


First of all,You need to write some very good articles and then you have to feature them in your homepage or sidebar. In the beginning, people will not find your blog as it is quite new. There are some of the tips given below that you can do to achieve great traffic. As I said above, first write some great articles because when visitors come to your site,you would want to impress them with your content and hopefully they will come back.

1.Commenting on other blogs :

Go to different blogs, read their post carefully, according to their content place your opinion in the comment box on that particular post with a link that leads to your blog ar site. For example, You can comment like, "very good post, I liked most of the content but click to see more.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is kinda art that makes your site rank higher in the search engines.The traffic that comes through the sarch engines is absolutely free. It takes some time to reach to a quality traffic from the search engines.Obviously search engines like websites that are old and reputable.they won't like the new comers in this market.when you get links from other directories,bloggers,web sites,then search engine starts to take you quite seriously.As you grow in linkings with reputable sites then search engines would start to give you a good amount of increasing traffic.
I won't go deep into SEO because there are many books that can tell you about SEO (i.e. SEOBook) It is always good to have knowledge about anything,as you grow you will start learning from your mistakes.One key to remember is that you need not to go deep in any topic,you just need to know how can you benefit yourself from that particular topic.
Search engines like Google always try to make a perfect system where any searcher can find exactly what they are looking for.though they cannot make it entirely perfect but they won't stop trying. Don’t try to trick them because eventually they will figure it out and will punish you for that.You just need to make a great and relevant content
some tips that can be useful are given below.

1. Title Tags


Title tags are the most important part of your website that search engines like google use to determine the what your site is about.They get an idea of your content using Title tags.A title tag is what that shows up in the top side of your browser.So it is necessary to use relevant tags to your site.Tags that contain good keywords will make your site rank higher.For example, if your site is about cricket, then you must use some relevant tag that contains keywords including cricket in it.You can title it as "best cricket moments ever".

2. Keyword search


First of all you should decide what are you going to write about in the article. Next step is that you need to know what keywords people search the most in the search engines. And according to that you must place those keywords in your blog or website. If you are master in keyword researches then you can get higher ranks in search engines.


3. Anchor Text


You would have seen text, for example, "best engine to search" on clicking which they take you to some website. best search engine is an Anchor link because it takes you to a website, in simple words Anchor text is a text that people use to link,like I have used many anchor texts on my blog.Search engines like Google always pay a great importance on what other people say about them through Anchor text. You can use Anchor texts to link your website or blog on other pages,blog comments,article submissions and in forums. This is how Anchor texts play an important role in SEO. But it only make your site rank higher in search engines but you also get a lot of visitors from the places where you have used Anchor texts.

For getting google adsense approval there are many qualifications needed.Click here to know what these qualifications are

Warnings for the beginners

Learn what you can

One of the things are that you can learn a lot,but don't go in huge details.You just need to understand how you can make use of that topic. You must not stop when you make a mistake. you must work hard and smart to learn from your mistakes and figure out what the better course of action would be for the next time. You are going to do things wrong, but you just have to keep going and keep learning. Learning how to use Google search is very important.If you learnt how to use google search engine then you can resolve every problem that come across.


Don't waste your time

Like I said above be SMART,don't just waste all of your time on just promotion.Checking your stats every hour, reading 500 blogs in your RSS, playing on facebook, Twitter google+, or  Youtube all day will really waste a lot of time. Focus on what provides results and stay disciplined to stick with that. Social media is an important part of building traffic, but you have to keep it in control. You can not depend completely on social media, Though social media is going to be the most perfect place to promote your products,blogs or websites.


Have fun

Write what you enjoy the most so you won't get tired about that and your content will be more unique and it will be having some different things that other bloggers might not use in their blogs because you are the master in that topic.So choose the topic that you want to work on and enjoy.

Blogging advice bullets:

1. You have to be patient, because this is not a get rich quick system.Keep up the work until and unless you don't find success.

2. You have to be aware about the things that are going around you,things that worked for you 10 minutes before might not work again.

3. If you are enjoying then you are passionate that is very most important thing in order to work smartly on your blog otherwise you will not get success.

Unseen advantages of blogging

1. You will make very good relationships with people you may never meet.

2. You will learn a lot of cool technical stuff and non technical stuff ,most learning will be on your blog's subject..

Did you like this article?

Well if you didn't like this article,its your thing and I would just say that do more google and you will find out the answers to your remaining questions.But the people who liked this article,I am very glad to them,those wanting to show their appreciation, I just say linking to the article from their blog is the best compensation I could receive or they can also share my link to their social media accounts.Thanks for reading!
Happy Blogging!

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