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Getting quality traffic to blog

First of all,You need to write some very good articles and then you have to feature them in your homepage or sidebar. In the beginning, people will not find your blog as it is quite new. There are some of the tips given below that you can do to achieve great traffic. As I said above, first write some great articles because when visitors come to your site,you would want to impress them with your content and hopefully they will come back.

1.Commenting on other blogs :

Go to different blogs, read their post carefully, according to their content place your opinion in the comment box on that particular post with a link that leads to your blog ar site. For example, You can comment like, "very good post, I liked most of the content but there are some other sites that are also a very good alternatives of google adsense. while searching google, as I found your site ,I also came across a very good blog that has given some more thoughts on google adsense alternatives." So this way you gave the link to your site. Also remember that the comment you are doing must be very thoughtful and wise otherwise blog owner might disapprove your comment and hence that comment would not be shown.

2.Participate in social bookmarking communities :

If your blog is new, then you will get many problems in promoting your site on net and getting traffic. But in my opinion, the tool that can be the best asset is submission of your posts to social bookmarking site like
stumbleupon, reddit, diqq, pinterest, tumblr, care2 (for nonprofits and causes), goodreads (for books), ravelry and many more... As a new blogger when you use them ,you will see a lots of traffic coming from these sites..for example ,lets take stumble upon, when you add your site there you start recieving traffic but in order to maintain the traffic your site must have a great content because stumble upon offers its users a space where they can lookfor sites that are of their interests.So when stumble upon shows a site then the particular user gives a like (upward thumb) or dislike (downward thumb) .In order to be shown your page regularly you have to get as many likes as possible.

3.Participate in Q+A sites :

sites like yahoo!answers , quora , stackexchange , formspring etc. are some sites where you can participate in ongoing discussions. Don't show yourself as a spammer .When you create accounts with these site don't just put your links in the answer, First try to understand how the things work there. Then after you are established then put your link with a relevant answer. If you tried to be spammer then in the first chance they will suspend you. So be ware of these facts. Another benefit of these sites is that you can actually earn money also. There are points system and these points are converted in money when you reach the minimum ammount. Mostly paypal is used for all transactions.

4.Video marketing :

Tools like screenr, camstudio can be used to make videos and add a link of your blog in the starting and ending. Make it as interesting as you can. Then submit them to youtube or metacafe. And start marketing it on youtube by posting or in any other way that you can. I'll leave that upto you. Use whatever you like from facebook to twitter.

5.Article submissions :

If you can submit a very original and thoughtful article to article submission sites,then you can high traffic from these sites. There are some sites given below that can be used to submit high quality articles to get high quality traffic. Remember that these sites won't approve an ordinary article. What they do is that they will include a link back to your blog in that particular article. Some sites are

goarticles, article dashboard ,ezine articles ,

There are some other kind of article submission sites blogcarnivals. At this site you can submit articles that you wrote on your blog to be included in a list of articles by the hosting blog. If you have a good article with a good title, you can get some good traffic from blogcarnivals.

6.Guest Posting :

Guest posting is posting articles about your blog on other blogger's blogs. Commenting on others blog is also known as guest posting. It can be a great way to get some quick traffic. These days every blog provide the readers an opportunity of guest posting. But your blog post has to be very original otherwise most of the guest posts will get rejected. guest posting can be very helpful because if you got your guest post approved on a very good blog then your article will be seen by thousands of visitors a day. In order to do so, you will have to sacrifice some of your best articles.


7.Commenting on forums :

Google some forums related to your topic and start commenting there. But be sure to not giving links in your earlier posts, first you need to get established in that forum by commenting on the questions asked. Initially for some days give a sensible, non-linking answers to the questions. And once you get settled then you can start giving away the links of your blog cleverly.


8.Become members of blog communities

these are some sites,, and on which you can sign up and start making good relationships with other bloggers. Become friends with them and then you may get good chances that your blogs links can be shown on your fellow bloggers sites. This will send a few visitors to your site .

9.Links to other blogs :

You can link your blogs to the other blogging sites.What this thing will do is you will have a good reputation if approved otherwise you can get visitors in the form of the respective bloggers. You can also create good relationships with other bloggers and then,its possible you will get your blog linked to their blog.


10.Squidoo pages,, are some sites that will allow you to create a simple page about your particular topic. It is seen that these pages often rank higher in search engines like google. So what you can do is set your blog links in the page that will give the traffic back to your blog.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is kinda art that makes your site rank higher in the search engines.The traffic that comes through the sarch engines is absolutely free. It takes some time to reach to a quality traffic from the search engines.Obviously search engines like websites that are old and reputable.they won't like the new comers in this market.when you get links from other directories,bloggers,web sites,then search engine starts to take you quite seriously.As you grow in linkings with reputable sites then search engines would start to give you a good amount of increasing traffic.
I won't go deep into SEO because there are many books that can tell you about SEO (i.e. SEOBook) It is always good to have knowledge about anything,as you grow you will start learning from your mistakes.One key to remember is that you need not to go deep in any topic,you just need to know how can you benefit yourself from that particular topic.
Search engines like Google always try to make a perfect system where any searcher can find exactly what they are looking for.though they cannot make it entirely perfect but they won't stop trying. Don’t try to trick them because eventually they will figure it out and will punish you for that.You just need to make a great and relevant content
some tips that can be useful are given below.

A. Title Tags


Title tags are the most important part of your website that search engines like google use to determine the what your site is about.They get an idea of your content using Title tags.A title tag is what that shows up in the top side of your browser.So it is necessary to use relevant tags to your site.Tags that contain good keywords will make your site rank higher.For example, if your site is about cricket, then you must use some relevant tag that contains keywords including cricket in it.You can title it as "best cricket moments ever".

B. Keyword search


First of all you should decide what are you going to write about in the article. Next step is that you need to know what keywords people search the most in the search engines. And according to that you must place those keywords in your blog or website. If you are master in keyword researches then you can get higher ranks in search engines.

C. Anchor Text


You would have seen text, for example, "best engine to search" on clicking which they take you to some website. best search engine is an Anchor link because it takes you to a website, in simple words Anchor text is a text that people use to link,like I have used many anchor texts on my blog.Search engines like Google always pay a great importance on what other people say about them through Anchor text. You can use Anchor texts to link your website or blog on other pages,blog comments,article submissions and in forums. This is how Anchor texts play an important role in SEO. But it only make your site rank higher in search engines but you also get a lot of visitors from the places where you have used Anchor texts.

For getting google adsense approval there are many qualifications needed.Click here to know what these qualifications are 


12.Be consistent and  just don't give up:

Most of the people give up blogging in their early stages. So be patience and just don't give up. Keep trying until and unless you get success.

Happy blogging. Feel free to copy my content but don't forget to link us back .


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