Sunday, 17 March 2013


chitika :

Chitika is very similar to google adsense. If your blog is new and  free one ( of blogspot or wordpress ), then you can apply for them. They will approve you in as short as a day. I am using Chitika on this blog. Chitika serves the contexual ads , that has 3 type of ads in it ,they have given some plugins also to make it easier for you. You get an additional option in which you can show the ads on mobile devices also. you can also show ads to the visitors that come only from search results. You can easily change the size of ads after logging in to their site. They have also got affiliate program. If your visitors are mainly from US, UK, Canada then you can make a lot of money from them.
You can withdraw money from paypal or cheque. The minimum amount to be paid is $10 for paypal and $50 for cheque.
If you are already been approved for adsense,then also you can use both adsense and chitika in conjunction.

Bidvertiser :


They are also good  alternative to google adsense in PPC category like adsense. The different about them is that you will be paid more money if their occurs conversion of a click .Apart from PPC ,it also sells adspace on your site, advertisement of highest bidder will be shown on your website. they provide the ads in banner form.You can always customize the size. 
The minimum payout for paypal is $10.


They are kind of a buy and sell ad programs. They will approve your site as soon as you have registered with them. What they do, for  publishers is that ,they will give a code to you and you can put that code on your website. This code is for advertising purposes ,if someone comes on site and wants to show his advertisements on your site ,then he will click that banner and will be redirected to the puxee site where you have already given the details of the site. The benefit of this program is that you don't have to communicate with the advertisers because everything is done by puxee thereafter. theykeep only 25% of the revenue generated and the rest of the amount is given to the publishers.Even adsense gives only 68% to the publishers,so puxee offers the max revenue to its publishers.


they are the best alternatives in case of CPM . They pay higher money to the sites that have more visitors from UK,US. Though there are some requirements to be approved by them ,I have also applied for them today. Your site shouldnot have any content that is not in guidelines with them (be sure to check their guidelines because i had to remove some of my posts that fell into that area). Like if you are not having very much traffic then, you should apply for them. Most of the CPM networks have a big requirement of having a 1000 visitors each day, but this is an exception,that is why i have included this into my category.


and finally I would like to add kontera and infolinks.Both of them are quite same but infolinks is much effective if you are having a blog with quality traffic But incase your site is new or if your site is not having much traffic ,then infolinks may not approve you so then you can use kontera.


  1. I like the frank tone. To be honest, I think bidvertiser should be up there, above chitika.

    I did not know about Kontera but I am doing a serious consideration to join it since my blog is new. Thanks Nitesh!

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